Why Invest in our Professional Termite Inspections and Treatments?

Most home or business owners are unaware of what to look for when checking for termite activity. For example, for the untrained eye it is difficult to tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite swarmer. Incorrect identification can result in not realizing you have an infestation until you have a swarm inside or notice damaged wood. By this time, termites have already established a colony that is feeding on your home.

Termite Identification

Defense-B Termite Treatment

TRELONA ATBS BAIT STATIONS- a comprehensive and effective treatment that safeguards your home both above and below ground. The stations are monitored on a regular basis.


Defense-L Termite Treatment

LIQUID TERMITICIDE BARRIER- a traditional treatment that includes plumbing areas and around the exterior foundation of your home.


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Termite Product Labels

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Schedule a Termite Inspection and Take Preventive Measures BEFORE They Move In.

Making sure to have a regular termite inspection and treatment will contribute greatly to eliminating the risk of the costly damage that termites can cause to your structure. Call Us Today and schedule your appointment.

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